Exercise 1

1. You have to click on the picture by pressing the left button on your mouse.

2. Writing and sending e-mails is a lot faster if you learn how to type trobably.

3. I couldn’t believe it when Greg swear in front of the head teacher.

4. The man of the telephone paused for a moment and then said, » Tell no one! »

5. This programme was first broadcast in 1967 and hasn’t been shown on TV since then.

6. Please don’t interrupt me. Let me finish what I wanted to say.

7. You should ring Michael and let him know about the plan for this evening.

Exercise 2

1. I was talking to Matt on the phone when the train went into a tunnel and we were cut off.

2. You just have to fill in this form and well send the money for you.

3. My favourite magazine, Teen Scene, comes out every Friday.

4. Len was talking on the phone, but when I entered the room he hang up.

5. I can’t log on because I can’t remember my password.

6. I’m afraid Mr Brown isn’t here. Could you call back in an hour.

7. Tom surfed the Internet for hours and legged off at three in the morning.

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