Exercise 1

1. Every year, several prizes are given to the best students.

2. When the pizza was delivered, it was cold.

3. You will be told when you can come in.

4. That song isn’t played on the radio very often, is it?

5. Was your money stolen out of your bag?

6. We weren’t allowed to use a dictionary in the exam yesterday.

7. That film won’t be show in our local cinema for a long time.

8. Will I be picked up from the station on Saturday?

Exercise 2

1. When people are arrived, they are taken to the police station.

2. Milk is ussualy kept in the fridge.

3. Will we be told what’s in next week’s test?

4. How did people communicate over long distance before the phone was invented.

5. Will you be allowed to come to the party next Saturday?

6. You will be given your exam results next Monday.

7. Was Aidans bike found yesterday?

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