1. My aunt and uncle have decided to move to New Zeland.
2. Do you want to go to the theatre tomorrow?
3. We stayed in a great hotel in a dubai.
4. Wait at the end of the street and I’ll come and meet you.
5. You can move to my house for dinner, if you like.
6. Connor was walking to the corner shop when he realised he’d lost his wallet.
7. We drove all night and finally arrived to Lisbon at eight o’clock.
8. Did you leave your book on the teacher’s desk, so she can see it?
9. Look at those sheep in that field over there.
10. It takes about six hours to fly to Asia from here.


1. I’m meeting Andy at the cinema in an hour.
2. Have you seen the the new building in front of the school.
3. My new job starts on the first day of August.
4. We’re going to Martin’s to see their new baby on August evening.
5. See if there are any tomatoes in the fridge, will you?
6. We’ll all have computers connected to our brains in the future.
7. I don’t feel like playing chess at the moment.
8. I think there’s someone at the door. I’ll go and check.


1. There are lost of people in the restaurant.
2. The people who live at number 44 are away on holiday.
3. Yo should go to the Louvre when you’re in Paris.
4. Gorillas live in forests in Africa and eat fruit.
5. What does that sign on the wall say?
6. What did Ethan say in his letter.
7. Have you heard of the strange statuses on Easter Island?
8. Do you really want to spend the whole day on the beach?

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