1. Oscar says he will do the washing — up after dinner.
2. I am bit scared because I am seeing the dentist this afternoon.
3. What are you going to do this evening.
4. Will you tell Rupert I’m sorry about yesterday?
5. My dad is going to grow a beard, but my mom doesn’t like this idea.
6. I have to revise tonight because we are having an exam tomorrow.
7. I will remember this day for the rest of my life.
8. Are you going to Australia next Christmas?
9. I’m sure you will pass your driving test. Don’t worry.
10. If you want me to, I will complain to the manager about it.


1. Have you made plans for the summer?
Yes. We’re going to Spain.
2. We’re moving home tomorrow.
Really? I’ll help you with the furniture.
3. Do you need this paintbrush?
Ah yes. You will pass it to me, please.
4. What do you want to be when you grow up, Steve?
I am going to be scientist. That’s what I want to do, anyway.
5. John is a better player than Martin, isn’t he?
Oh yes. He’ll win the match tomorrow, I expect.
6. The weather has been terrible, hasn’t it?
Yes, I think it’s going to rain again later.

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