The Project

Hi Hamik,

How’s it going? I hope everything’s going well.

Thank you for your email, I appreciate it. I haven’t been in touch with you for such a long time. As I am going to take exams I’ve been studying every free minute to get a higher mark. Even I don’t have free time to go to the internet, to watch TV, I am stuck with my studies. I am so happy to hear such astonishing news. That is very surprising. Honestly, I know that Armenians are very smart, but I got surprised that Jeorge Tadevosyan has found the exact treatment, I am very proud of being an Armenian. I can not imagine that soon everything will be as normal as usual, I miss my school, my friends. This is one of the best news that I have heard, thank you so much for sharing it with me.

Best wishes,


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