Write an essay ‘Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion‘

First of all, students will be motivated by their grades and students will know their strengths and weaknesses by evaluating their test or exam scores. And by getting good grades, there is more chance to join reputed schools and universities. For instance, a student can access his/her knowledge by comparing before and after grades. If the student have scored less in one particular subject, he/she will be eager to learn more effectively and this boots their motivation. Moreover, students prefer to score better than their classmates. They compare scores with other students and by this way also they will be motivated.

In addition, if grades are high students can get decent job in future. Many companies prefer to hire smart and intelligent candidates with high grades. Similarly, getting good score is very beneficent to get scholarship in schools and also students can decide on their major by comparing scores of different subjects, this develops their interest on majoring subject. Moreover, most of the companies will have a thinking that scholarship students are smart and knowledgeable, it becomes easy to hire them without any second thought.

Furthermore, be getting good grades students are always given respect from the society. Parents will feel proud and happy for their children’s success. That’s what parents expect from their children. If a student is average in studies, there won’t be same treatment as given to a intelligent student. Many of us have experienced this type of situation in our lives. So, to get respect and maintain reputation many students work hard to have a better score.

In short, grades are absolutely important for students to get motivated and can decide on major to have a bight career in future. By being smart and intelligent students can gain respect from parents and society. Knowing once weaknesses by grading system and correcting it in future will have a track of improvements and goal.

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