My Favorite Armenian

My favorite Armenian is Mher Mkrtchyan whose mother and father were orphaned survivors of the Armenian Genocide. I am very surprised by his talent, I can never compare his talent with anybody. When I watch her films, I always admire, how can a person be as much talent as he, nature and its power are so amazing. Now a little about his life. 

Mher’s nickname, Frunzik, was given to him in honor of Soviet general Mikhail Frunze. Growing up, Mher took an interest in the arts and attended the local art and music school. As a child, he would put on informal shows for people living in the neighborhood. Frunzik’s father praised his acting talent but pressured his son to pursue a painting career.

I have watched his films a lot of time and every time I watch it with pleasure, i want to mention the following films which I like best., Menq enq, mer sarere («We and Our Mountains«)  Mimino (» Hawk») , Hayrik («Father») , Nahapet (» Patriarch»)  Ktor muh Yerkinq («A Piece of Sky») , Hin oreri yerge («The Song of The Old Days«) , Mer mankutyan tangon («The Tango of Our Childhood»). There are noticeable parallels between Frunzik’s life and the roles he played in films, most notably with The Tango of Our Childhood

My aim is to have such actors in the future 

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