In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

Many people think that a student working in their school may not be able to get good grades, but in my opinion, working together and studying makes the student more organized and planned. In this essay I will list some points that confirm my point of view.

First, earning money while studying makes a student more confident and independent. For example, one of my friends was part-time, և because he was sure that he would get a good job after graduation, but on the other hand, my girlfriend, who was not working, was not sure that she would find a job, և even she does not know what to do after graduation.

Moreover, jobs not only provide independence, but also train and develop a strong personality so that students are successful in all their upcoming endeavors. For example, during work, adolescents face many challenges and challenges, but at the same time, they learn how to overcome them. Moreover, the workplace allows you to meet different people, which improves their personality, communication skills, analytical skills, work ethic և people management.

Finally, during the work, the student can discover their inner possibilities դաշտ field of interests. For example, if they work part-time in a restaurant, this job develops their managerial-marketing skills, պարզ they have found that they can start their own restaurant business. Similarly, if students work as educators in the library, their teaching skills may encourage them to become teachers. In addition, while working, the student can make important decisions in his or her life.

In conclusion, I always support working during my education to expand, improve my skills, find the right path, the perfect carrier after graduation.

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