Exercise 1

  1. I am working at the local library for the summer.
  2. We don’t go to the theatre very often.
  3. Stacy is getting ready for school, so she can’t come to the phone.
  4. Does Gary ever talk about his expedition to the Amazon jungle?
  5. In squash, you hit a ball against a wall.
  6. I read a newspaper at least once a week.
  7. Do you the piano for two hours every day?
  8. Nadine and Claire are doing quite well at school at the moment.
  9. A good friend knows when you’re upset about something.
  10. How do you spell your name?

Exercise 2

  1. In Monopoly, you move around the board, buying houses and hotels.
  2. Are you watching this programme or can I turn the TV off:
  3. Regular exercise helps you to stay healthy.
  4. I am using my brothers guitar until I get a new one.
  5. Does Simon always do the washing-up after lunch?
  6. Do you have any sweaters in a larger size?
  7. You arent holding the kite right. Let me show you.
  8. Dad belongs to the local astronomy club.

Exercise 3

I am loving — love

are throwing — throw

seeming — seems

are winning — win

are taking — take

are needing — need

are prefering — prefer

I am not understanding — dont understand

I wait — waiting

He does — is doing

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