1) We had already eaten when John came (come) home.
2) Last year Juan passed (pass)all his exams.
3) When I got (get) to the airport I discovered I had forgotten my passport.
4) I went to the library, then I bought (buy) some milk and went home.
5) I opened my handbag to find that I had forgotten (forget) my credit card.
6) When we arrived (arrive) at the station, the train had already left.
7) We got home to find that someone had broken (break) into the house.
8) I opened the fridge to find that someone had eaten (eat) all my chocolate.
9) I had known my husband for three years when we got (get) married.
10) Julie was very pleased to see that John had cleaned (clean) the kitchen.
11) It hadn’t rained (rain) all summer, so the grass was completely dead.
12) When he arrived (arrive) at the party, Julie had just left.
13) After arriving home, I realised I  hadn’t bought (buy) any milk.
14) The laundry was wet — it had rained (rain) while I was out.
15) William felt ill last night because he had eaten (eat) too many cakes.
16) Keiko met (meet) William last September.
17) First I tidied the flat, then I sat (sit) down and had a cup of coffee.
18) John played (play) the piano when he was a child, but he doesn’t play now.
19) When I opened the curtains the sun was shining and the ground was white. It had snowed (snow) during the night.
20) When Julie got home from her holiday, the flat was a mess. John had had (have) a party.

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